Terms and Conditions


  • If you have any pathology or injury, you should consult your doctor before starting any sport practice.
  • You must inform iokasti method of any change in your physical condition and health.
  • You must immediately inform the instructor of any pain, discomfort or dizziness during the class.
  • iokasti method is not responsible for any injury.


Payments and class reservations

The payment of classes and personal training sessions is done through the mindbody platform. To enjoy iokasti method classes you must:

  1. Register on the mindbody platform. You only have to do this once. We will save the information for your future purchases.
  2. Make your payment by choosing the monthly subscription or pack that best suits your needs.
  3. Book your class through mindbody. Since classes have limited capacity, it is imperative that you reserve your class in advance. If you do not make a reservation, we cannot guarantee that there will be space available. Cancellations must be made at least 4 hours prior to the class (24 hours for personal training). Please refer to the cancellation policy for more information.
  4. It is possible to book any class 30 days in advance, and up to 30 minutes before the class begins. You may enter the studio up to 15 minutes before the start of the class. We suggest you arrive at least 5 minutes before. Once the class has started, access to the studio will not be allowed and no refunds will be given. Whenever you need to enter the class late due to an emergency, please contact Iokasti by WhatsApp so that she can authorize your entry.

*During public holidays, August and Christmas, the studio will remain closed.


Pricing and packs expiration

  • Current rates, both for packs and monthly subscriptions, are published on our website. Prices are subject to changes without prior notices, in which case the classes already purchased may be used until their expiration date.
  • Monthly subscriptions or class packs can be used for any of the class modalities (DanceBody, Signature, Body Fuel Fitness, Functional TRX Bar, Aerial Yoga and Ballet Barre) subject to availability.
  • No one can attend classes or receive personal training without pre-payment of the class or session.
  • It is not allowed to schedule two classes on the same day to later decide which one to attend. iokasti method reserves the right to cancel the reservation if this occurs.
  • Expiration of class packs: one class pack - 15 calendar days, 10 classes pack - 3 months, 20 classes pack - 5 months. Expiration date begin on the date of purchase.
  • Expiration of personal training sessions packs: 1 session pack - 1 month, 5 session pack - 2 months, 10 session pack - 4 months. Expiration date begin on the date of purchase.


Cancellation and refund policy

  • The purchase of monthly subscriptions or packs is non-refundable. Subscriptions or packs cannot be resold and are personal and non-transferable. Refunds will be accepted only for duly accredited health problems, and only if the voucher is still valid. Refunds will be made in the same manner as purchases. In the case of packs, sessions that have not been consumed will be refunded and in the case of monthly subscriptions, the refund will be calculated taking in consideration the day of the month.
  • If you have chosen the automatic payment option, your monthly subscription will be charged at the beginning of each month. To cancel it or change the type of subscription you must notify us before the 20th of the previous month. Cancellations and changes can only be requested by email to [email protected].

When you book a class, you can cancel it free of charge, up to 4 hours before the class begins. After that time, the class will be charged and you will not be entitled to any compensation. Private trainings must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. In both cases, cancellations must be made through the mindbody platform. If you do not attend the class without canceling your reservation, you will be charged with no exception.

  • Class schedule may vary according to demand. iokasti method reserves the right to change class hours and frequency.
  • If iokasti method cancels a class, you will be able to make it up in any other class if there is availability, within the next 15 days. The same applies to classes that fall on official holidays or in case of Iokasti illness (in which case a qualified substitute teacher could teach the class). There will be no special make-up classes.
  • Classes will always be held with a minimum of 3 participants and a maximum of 9. iokasti method reserves the right to cancel a class without prior notices for not reaching the minimum capacity.



  • ioaksti method is not responsable for the loos of personal belongings during your stay in the studio. You hereby acknowledge and exclusion of liability to iokasti method for both property damage and personal injury. Your participation in the classes and personal training sessions is at your own risk.


Privacy and data protection policy

  • We are committed to treating your information, both personal and health data, confidentially. Only our employees and authorized contractors (who have agreed to keep the information secure and confidential) will have access to your information and only when it is strictly needed. iokasti method will never sell, give or exchange your personal data with third parties not directly linked to its business.