Personal Training

Private Personal Training

Whether you´re working towards a specific goal, recovering from an injury, pregnant or just want some extra attention and motivation, iokast method personal training program is the right solution for you.

As part of your first session, you and Iokasti will discuss and analyze your fitness goals and likes. She will create a personalized iokasti method training program designed just for you.

We are here for you, to support you in your unique fitness journey. Working with Iokasti one-on-one means that your strengths and opportunity areas will be taken in consideration when building your workouts. She will be exclusively for you, cheering and guiding you all the way until you achieve your goals and the body you deserve.

We offer both one-on-one personal training sessions and semi-private training sessions, in which you and a friend can share an hour with Iokasti. Personal training private sessions are scheduled based in your availability from Monday to Friday.

Your Transformation Starts Here!

Results that last

Your customized iokasti method program is designed to be as strong and versatile as you are. Iokasti will hand-craft every single of your workouts to be unique. You will never do the same training twice.

Iokasti´s objective is to help you, not only achieve your fitness goals, but to maximize your results and maintain them.

Whether you want to tone your body, lose weight, increase your strength and endurance, or simply re-aling your emotional and physical self, Iokasti will be there for you in every step you take to conquer your goals!

We know you have a busy life, but you need to take time for yourself! No worries, Iokasti will built your personalized program to fit your busy agenda!

Your Transformation Starts Here!

I love to motivate, inspire and push you to achieve your goals

Private personal trainings means that Iokasti will be 100% focus on YOU! Your goals, and your life purpose.

Your personalized iokasti method training program will not only maximize your potential but will also help you achieve goals and results you never thought were possible.

Your Transformation Starts Here!


“Training with Iokasti is a fantastic change after having various gym memberships, training on my own or with friends, and even with personal trainers. She brings a lot of different skills to tailor your sessions and you can really feel the difference. I can guarantee you won´t regret it.”

Romain, Airline Pilot, Barcelona

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"Iokasti is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with! With her method I achieved a remarkable increase both in my strength and my endurance. Once you have trained with Iokasti, you´ll always want more."

Katerina, Greek National Tai Chi Champion

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“I have done many different things in terms of exercise in my life, but until now I have never found the right balance between flexibility, strength and endurance… And the best part: I do it in a way like if I were a child again. Training with Iokasti feels like going to the playground, but you get stronger each time”

Joan, Marketing, Barcelona

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"We gained a better understanding of our bodies, increased our strength, and improved our flexibility by working with Iokasti. We can now do acrobatic figures we could not imagine doing!"

Kostas and Irini, Professional Salsa Dancers, Greece

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"I've worked with hundreds of coaches and consider Iokasti to be one of the best! I have experienced iokasti method first hand, and find it to be an excellent training system. It is powerful and effective for developing a lean, flexible and healthy body."

Alexis Akrovatakis, Former Olympic Athlete and Professional Circus Performer, Greece

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