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Barcelona, Poblenou

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We are located in Barcelona, in Poblenou neighborhood:

iokasti method
Carrer de Llull 47 - 49
Level 6, Studio 7
08005 Barcelona

Phone: +34 663 534 473
e-mail: [email protected]

New Enhanced Studio!

New Enhanced Studio

We are super excited to invite you to our brand new iokasti method studio in Poblenou, Barcelona.

With this renewal, we created a space where you can feel inspired to train and, at the same time, fill you up with joy and happiness!

The studio has been enhanced with huge new mirrors and the newest equipment for our classes

We want you to feel at home!

Reclaim your Health and Fitness

Founded by Iokasti Lionaki in 2014, iokasti method is a dance & acrobatics-based fitness method. We aim to ensure you have fun and experience joy and happiness while achieving your best physical and mental form. We offer both one-on-one personal training sessions and a wide variety of group fitness classes in our renewed studio in Poblenou, Barcelona.

Iokasti will uplift, inspire and support you with guidance and love to help you achieve your fitness goal implementing her unique iokasti method, a fusion of dance, acrobatics and functional strength training.

We strike a balance between strength and flexibility


“I have done many different things in terms of exercise in my life, but until now I have never found the right balance between flexibility, strength and endurance… And the best part: I do it in a way like if I were a child again. Training with Iokasti feels like going to the playground, but you get stronger each time.”

Joan, Marketing, Barcelona

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"I've worked with hundreds of coaches and consider Iokasti to be one of the best! I have experienced iokasti method first hand, and find it to be an excellent training system. It is powerful and effective for developing a lean, flexible and healthy body."

Alexis Akrovatakis, Former Olympic Athlete and Professional Circus Performer, Greece

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“The trainings with Iokasti are amazing, each session is unique… When I come to train with her I feel very relax, I feel at home. iokasti method is very addictive, everything else in comparison feels really boring. Here you start the session and before you know it the training is over. Time flies”

Mark , Sales, Barcelona

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"With Iokasti´s help, you learn to understand your body and overcome limitations you thought were impossible. I feel stronger, more flexible, and more agile after each workout."

Georgia, Greece

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“Due to a medical condition that caused me constant dizziness I thought I would never be able to do exercise again, but Iokasti understands my condition and her training style helps me control my dizziness and regain confidence.”

Carmen, Greece

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