DanceBody's mission is to provide you with a fun and effective workout by infusing functional training with the joy of dance.

It is a workout in which you strengthen your mind and body, with dance-inspired movements. 

We strongly believe that your training should build your confidence and sparkle you with joy. The most important indicator is how you feel, and that is why I work with you to improve your quality of life with the help of movement.

If you are looking for a fun way to stay fit and have a deep sense of well-being sign up for our DanceBody class and let´s dance together!

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Ballet Barre

Ballet Barre is a very elegant, low-impact workout designed for all ages.
Iokasti experience comes from her career as a professional dancer. 

If you are a ballet lover but you are not a dancer, you can still practice Ballet Barre and get all the benefits of this training.

If you want to experience the elegance of classical ballet through fitness while sculpting your body in the healthiest and safest way possible, then this is the class for you! 

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Aerial Yoga

In this class we will use aerial devices, which have incredible benefits for your health, especially for the spine. This type of training is very useful if you are stiff or injured as it offers you the opportunity to perform postures without worrying much about stability or having the pressure of the floor beneath you.

If you want to achieve inner peace and a higher level of consciousness, lower your stress levels and have a healthy and flexible body, this is the class for you!

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This class represents the philosophy of iokasti method, is the starting line!

Our fast-paced Signature class will increase your endurance and challenge your body while you maintain your energy levels. You will explore new movements without needing to learn a choreography in an eclectic training based on music.

If you want to get in shape while having lots of fun, sign up for our Signature class. You won´t regret it!

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Body-Fuel Fitness

This is a high-intensity workout with a short duration. We do resistant circuits with calisthenic movements. In this class you will not use any additional weight, it´s your body that works as a load.

Get ready to train all your muscles and experience movements that you never thought you could achieve. If you want to challenge yourself, this is the class you are looking for!

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Functional TRX / Bar

In the TRX / Bar suspension training you have the chance to experience movement by hanging and supporting your own body using nylon ropes or iron bars.

This is very complete total-body workout in which you utilize your body weigh as resistance.

If you want to have fun playing and experimenting with your body while getting stronger, sign up for our TRX / Bar class!

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Personal Training

Personal Training

If you are looking for personal attention, boost your self-confidence and accelerate your fitness goals, you are in the right place!

Iokasti will study your possibilities and preferences to create a personalized training for you. She is an expert designing training sessions that integrate different disciplines. With Iokasti there is no such thing as boring and repetitive trainings where you only work with certain muscle groups. Be ready for a total-body workout using your own body weight without the need of dumbbells or machines.

If you want an exclusive and unique training designed especially for you, this is your plan!

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Reclaim your Health and Fitness

Founded by Iokasti Lionaki in 2014, iokasti method is a dance & acrobatics-based fitness method. We aim to ensure you have fun and experience joy and happiness while achieving your best physical and mental form. We offer both one-on-one personal training sessions and a wide variety of group fitness classes in our renewed studio in Poblenou, Barcelona.

Iokasti will uplift, inspire and support you with guidance and love to help you achieve your fitness goal implementing her unique iokasti method, a fusion of dance, acrobatics and functional strength training.

We strike a balance between strength and flexibility


“Training with Iokasti is a fantastic change after having various gym memberships, training on my own or with friends, and even with personal trainers. She brings a lot of different skills to tailor your sessions and you can really feel the difference. I can guarantee you won´t regret it.”

Romain, Airline Pilot, Barcelona

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“I have done many different things in terms of exercise in my life, but until now I have never found the right balance between flexibility, strength and endurance… And the best part: I do it in a way like if I were a child again. Training with Iokasti feels like going to the playground, but you get stronger each time”

Joan, Marketing, Barcelona

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“The trainings with Iokasti are amazing, each session is unique… When I come to train with her I feel very relax, I feel at home. iokasti method is very addictive, everything else in comparison feels really boring. Here you start the session and before you know it the training is over. Time flies”

Mark , Sales, Barcelona

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"I've worked with hundreds of coaches and consider Iokasti to be one of the best! I have experienced iokasti method first hand, and find it to be an excellent training system. It is powerful and effective for developing a lean, flexible and healthy body."

Alexis Akrovatakis, Former Olympic Athlete and Professional Circus Performer, Greece

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"Iokasti is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with! With her method I achieved a remarkable increase both in my strength and my endurance. Once you have trained with Iokasti, you´ll always want more."

Katerina, Greek National Tai Chi Champion

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