Iokasti Lionaki

Founder of iokasti method

Personal Trainer & Health and Wellness Coach

The Founder


I have always been passionate about helping others to achieve their personal health goals. I feel empowered when sharing my knowledge and experience working with Olympic athletes, professional dancers or amazing people that “just” want to improve their health and wellbeing.

When I graduated from the National Ballet Institute in Greece, I devoted myself to becoming a professional dancer. After a successful dance career, performing on some of the world´s most famous stages in London and New York, I surprised the dance word by informing about my transition into the acrobatic world. I became the first woman to successfully migrate from being an elegant and beautiful dancer to a wilder and freer global acrobatic performer. This non-traditional career set the foundations of my unique method: the iokasti method.

As a Personal Trainer and a Health and Wellness Coach, I work with my clients to create the most meaningful, joyful and sustainable results. Nothing makes me happier than seeing you thrive and create your dream life!

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International Dance Career

I started dancing when I was just three years old and instantly felt in love with the elegant movements you can create while dancing. I loved it so much that I dedicated myself to become a professional dancer by graduating from the National Ballet Institute in Greece.

For more than two decades, I traveled the world as a professional dancer and was lucky enough to perform on some of the world´s most famous stages in London and New York.

One of the highest and most remarkable moments in my professional dancer career is, by far, when I got the chance to perform at OPRAH´s birthday party. It was a party she hosted for all her 1,700 employees. OPRAH was so dedicated and committed to making this evening unforgettable for her employees, and it was such an honor and inspiration to be part of this special moment.

Even when I was already a consolidated professional dancer, I kept working to become an even better performer. I had the opportunity to get inspired and improve my skills at some of the best studios in the world, like Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre, one of the most respected dance theaters, and The Place in London.

A few years after, I opened my own dance academy (DEUX), where I not only trained professional ballet and contemporary dancers, but also people (from all levels) that shared my passion for ballet and dance.

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Global Acrobatic Performer

The dance world was shocked when I announced I was quitting my successful professional dancing career to study acrobatics with a clear objective: to become the first professional ballet dancer to become a professional acrobatics performer, something that was not done before.

I have always been fascinated by acrobatics, but I got fully passionate about it when I started my professional studies at the Circus School “Rogelio Rivel”, where I specialized in acrobatic balances.

In the following years I traveled the world as a professional acrobatic performer. We created a special and extraordinary show that combined my skills from the elegant dance world with the wild and savage acrobatic world. This show reached international recognition.

After giving birth to my daughter, I decided to open my own acrobatics school in Greece. It was a creative physical training space for all levels where my students learned to coordinate movements and exercises to sculpt their bodies in a fun way while expanding and exploring their physical capacities. This was the first time I developed a training where I combined dance and acrobatics. This was the cornerstone for my current training method: the iokasti method.

It was at this time that I was invited to train Olympic athletes in an athletic club. I trained sprinters, gymnast and rhythmic gymnasts to improve their physical condition and abilities. This experience helped me gain a deep understanding of the human body function and how it moves.

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My Daughter (next generation)

A lot of people wonder why I quit my career as an artist. Well, even though I was delighted to travel the world and fill theaters, I also had a deep desire of starting a family. I had a beautiful girl whom, of course, is the best thing that has ever happened to me!

Ameli is an amazing little girl. She is super passionate about dancing, acrobatics and gymnastics, and she has already participated in her first competition. Ameli is very dedicated and talented (even more than her mom!), and I´m sure she will achieve big things. When I train Ameli, I don’t think about she becoming a recognized dancer, what is essential for me is the time we spend together in the studio or the competitions. To share the same passion with my daughter is the most incredible feeling I can get as a mom. There is nothing better in the world!

After giving birth, I put on 20 kilos and my body was completely transformed. I decided to train myself with the objective of, in a record time of a month, return to the physical shape I had before pregnancy.

This experience set the bases to create a training system for women that have lost their confidence and physical condition and were tired of boring and repetitive routines at the gym. Based on that I created the iokasti method, a combination of dance and acrobatics training.

With this in mind I stepped into the fitness realm becoming a coach.

Your Transformation Starts Here!

The Studio

Carrer de Llull 47-49, Level 6, Local 7, 08005 Barcelona