"I have known Iokasti for many years and have recently collaborated with her on a project to incorporate dancing and acrobatic movements into a personal training system. I am a former Olympian and work as an acrobatic performer at one of the world's most renowned circus companies, as well as an acrobatic teacher at one of the world's top circus schools.

I've worked with hundreds of coaches and consider Iokasti to be one of the best! After decades of training herself and others at the highest level, she has developed a deep understanding of body and mind. Iokasti is an extremely competent trainer with a natural ability to assist others in becoming the best versions of themselves. She always puts 100% of her energy into training her students and pushing them to achieve excellence. Iokasti has a cheerful and positive personality, and is always a pleasure to have her around.

I have experienced iokasti method first hand, and find it to be an excellent training system. It is powerful and effective for developing a lean, flexible and healthy body. It also helps cultivate a positive mindset, which builds confidence and happiness. I have seen iokasti method work for both professional athletes and beginners looking to get in shape and feel great about themselves."


Alexis Akrovatakis, Former Olympic Athlete and Professional Circus Performer

Testimonial Alexis, functional training