"Due to a medical condition that caused me constant dizziness I thought I would never be able to do exercise again. I was quite reluctant that a personal trainer could help me, but I still decided to give the iokasti method a try. I´m very happy I did as it has had a huge positive impact in my life. Iokasti understands my condition, and her training style using body weight and music helps me control my dizziness and regain confidence. I´m also seeing a lot of improvement in my strength, flexibility, posture and balance. As if all these improvements were not enough, Iokasti has helped me develop better eating habits. I have lost 4 kg in the last month! Iokasti is a tough trainer, but at the same time she is caring and fun. Without hesitation, I would highly recommend Iokasti and her amazing training method."


Carmen, Greece

Testimonial Carmen, functional training