"Iokasti captured our attention from the moment we met her in an acrobatic training due to the passion she exhibits for her work and profession. After training with her for two months we improved our physical condition and gained much more strength and endurance while dancing.

Our 2-month experience with Iokasti and her experience as a professional dancer led us to ask her to design a specialized training program for us that combined both dance and acrobatics. We gained a better understanding of our bodies, increased our strength, and improved our flexibility by working with Iokasti. Furthermore, we improved our line, presence, and breathing technique as dancers.

With Iokasti, we were able to do acrobatic figures we could not imagine doing on our own, and our connection as a couple improved as well. As our dance technique has improved, so has our happiness."


Kostas and Irini, Professional Salsa Dancers

Testimonial Kostas and Irini, functional training